What applications truly need both Teensy 3.5 / 3.6 built in DACs?

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For controlling analogue B4 lense 3 DAC's would be great (focus, zoom, aperture) , but filtered PWM works too. Additional electronics is needed anyway as the control voltage is up to 7.5V
One for audio (osc) out, the other for multiplexed CV control of external analog components. I didn't want to multiplex the osc out as I wanted to keep that at a high samplerate and free of potential noise.
Mostly thinking about a future Teensy.

The main question here is whether one 12 bit DAC is sufficient? If not, what compelling applications truly require more than one built in DAC?

one or more dac rather than none comes in handy for creating pseudo sin waves for modulating a radio. will work over a wide frequency range and
compared to square waves requires far less external filtering to keep modulated bandwidth under control. it is nice if it is internal or on the board
for those applications where small and less expensive win. have not needed two yet.
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