what to do with SAMPLE and HOLD

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Sorry this may be quite a stupid question...

What kind of sound and effects can you produce when using Sample and Hold waveform ?
I have been playing with it, and all I can get are different kind of noise... I don't know what to do with it.

Could you give me some directions to get something interesting out of it ?
a classic use of sample and hold in modular synth is to sample a noise signal to obtain a random voltage value and use this to set something like the resonance or cutoff value of a filter. If you set the rate of sampling to 16ths or whatever, you get some nice rhythmic tweaking. sample and hold will maintain the voltage value until the next sample is taken.

If you haven't yet found him, have a look at MylarMelodies Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tFVat6O3Jk
Sample and hold on an input noise signal is great for a rhythmic random cut-off changing, or for "robotic" sound effect pitch jumps.

This app let's you play around with both: http://thewessens.net/synthbook/#sample-and-hold

Lower the cutoff and increase the filter amount, and/or increase the pitch amount to hear it.

It can also be used to turn regular triangle/sine/sawtooth into stepped versions.
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