Where is the Teensy 4.1 manufactured?


We are looking at a US contract (non defense) but they want NDAA compliance which has requirements around computing sources. Key questions are around the overall PCB build, and as well as the two processors on the Teensy 4.1
Teensy is assembled in Oregon, USA. Final testing and firmware programming is done in Oregon, USA.

The 2 microcontroller chips both have China as country of origin.

NDAA compliance is easy, since Teensy isn't telecommunications or video surveillance equipment, and even if it were, none of the materials come from the specifically banned manufacturers. If you need Section 889 forms, email Robin directly (or reply to any of the order confirmation emails) and she can send you the completed forms (one might imagine only 1 such form would be needed, but apparently several exist due to each US government agency insisting on their own form... so she will send you several of them and hopefully at least one will satisfy your requirement).

But if the fact that any of the chips have customs country of origin in China is a deal breaker for you, hopefully some other board can meet your needs. Sadly, we just don't have any control over where the chips are actually made, and nearly all come from China.