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Hi all

I`m sorry if this question has been asked a 100 times, I'm sure it has but I haven't been able to find a solution; any support would be very much appreciated.

So, Imagine this. You have a commercial product that utilises a Teensy. However, you want to be able to offer firmware updates, but you don't want to have to teach your customers how to install and use Arduino IDE and Teensyduino; Is it possible to produce a custom program that is capable of programming a Teensy, using, for example a Make file or something along those lines.

The nearest thing I've found is the command line cli thing, but this is really lacking any real instructions on how to install it and use it, or at least I haven't been able to find anything.

thanks in advance as always
Allow source or stand alone executable is available for : Teensy-Qt

It has a GUI - always in use here - (except Iploader for use on the LOCKABLE variants of the T_4.x 1062's) - as SerMon and Uploader. And there is also a CMDline version.
You can get Teensy Loader without the Arduino stuff.


Just open the HEX or EHEX file with File > Open, since Arduino won't be there to tell it where the file is.

Also, if you're making a commercial product, check out the recently released Lockable Teensy 4.0 & Lockable Teensy 4.1. These versions offer strong protection from your code being copied and the ability to securely update "in field" by customers.
Hi Paul, thanks fornyour input.

Ill take a look at the Teensy Loader with Arduino, I didnt see this, must of missed it.

Regarding the Teensy 4.1, currently im using the Teensy 3.6 with Pedvides ADC library, it works well. Does the ADC library support Teensy 4.1 ?, also what is the current consumption difference between 3.6 and 4.1? Also ADC clock speed 3.6 and 4.1?

Thanks in advance