#WS2812 + i2c combo breakout from case - what connector to use?


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So my project is nearing rev2 - hopefuly the last prototype. Thankfuly all issues have been ironed out with REV1.0 pcb...

I have a load of WS2812 inside the main unit, and I break out to another WS2812 strip outside of the main unit. I am also thinking about adding an i2c line to have a small OLED with this strip.

I am thinking about what kind of connector to use....

so the lines would be:


i2c SCL
i2c SDA
3v3 - this could be ommitted and I use the 5v line for the WS2812.

I had thought about a jack socket, but there will be lots of these for audio. I want to keep connector styles unique
Same goes for 5 pin DIN socket but there are already MIDI sockets....

other sockets already in place are USB A and B
d-sub 15 x3 rows for VGA

A mini DIN maybe?

The cable length will be short no more than 50cm, so I dont see an issue for i2c line. Crosstalk maybe an issue?

Suggestions welcome
Well a RJ45 cable comes to mind, but if you want it different than ethernet, it may not be what you want.

I would think a 2x3 2.54mm shrouded header would do what you want:

Alternatively use 2 cables. One for the WS2812B's, and a Stemma QWIIC cable for I2C. I tend to prefer the various JST SM/PH/XH cables or regular DuPont jumper headers, but there are various options for the WS2812B lights:
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