"Wygonium" Synth, Sequencer, and More


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Hi all!

As a fun project for a friend, I re-imagined the Trautonium synth from the 1930s as a 21st-century performance instrument, implementing the features of the Mixtur-Trautonium (the 1940s version), and adding modern features like different waveforms and effects, including distortion and a looping delay. Then I kept going and added more devices, and currently have the synth, a ribbon controller, a midi input box, an algorithmic sequencer, and a stand-alone MIDI version of the algorithmic sequencer. Core devices use the Teensy 4.1 (and audio board on the synth), with custom PCBs and laser-cut cases.

WygoniumKit_square.png Wygonium_ORBsq_square.jpg Wygonium_ORBsqMi_square.jpg

The wealth of information in this forum answered almost every question that I had along the way, and provided loads of inspiration (and some code). Thank you all for being you! 🫶

Here's a basic GitHub Site for the project - The Wygonium Synth Kit - which has back-stories, specs, pics, videos, and more:


And here's the videos in YouTube playlist ("like and subscribe" 😂):


As it stands, this is an "experiment" of a project, as I keep exploring different input methods and sound design ideas, only making bespoke devices for friends. We'll see where this goes in the future.

Thanks @MarkT! I've considered Kickstarter, maybe the "Make 100" yearly thing. But if I were to do any version of that, I'd prefer to at least have metal cases (something I'm actively investigating), and different knobs. Ideally I'd also redo all the electronics to be better than they are now, though it certainly works as-is.