Xbee WiFi for Teensy


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I am trying to use my Teensy 3.2 /4.0 as webserver. I would like to use teensy 3.2/4.0 instead of 4.1. Unlike the esp32 teensy don't have built in wifi so I have been thinking of using a xbee to connect to a wifi. I believe the following steps are required to do so;
  1. Configure the Xbee to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Connect the Xbee to Teensy.
  3. Direct teensy to the wired connection for internet access.

For #2 on the list above, I think I can connect using either serial port or if I use Teensy 4, then I can use the USB port.
Not sure how to do #3 from the list! For ESP32 the libraries <WiFi.h> and<WebServer.h> seems to do all the work that is needed.
What can be done for teensy?
You can use the Teensy to connect to an ESP32 via Serial.
The WebServer will be on ESP32 which communicates with Teensy.

Although an Xbee adapter is truly a wireless communication device, it is nothing like a traditional "WiFi" device (i.e. it is not like other devices on a home wireless network). Because of this, if you were to pursue using Xbee, you would need to have two Xbee devices, using one at each end of the communications link. However, if I'm understanding your initial description correctly, I don't think you are looking for an Xbee-to-Xbee communications link. It sounds very much like you're aiming to somehow connect the Teensy to a traditional WiFi network. Please clarify which is actually correct ??

Mark J Culross