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I have worked as a tech in silicon valley in California for 20 years ending in 2000.
Since then I've been mostly unemployed living in Sonoma County where the tech industry is slowly starting to take off. I've been playing with Arduino for about five years now, but I don't seem to have that many completed projects. I keep running into problems because I did not have enough information when I started. But finally after all this time it seems like I'm just now starting to learn what I wish I would have known then. Like does your system have enough memory for what you're trying to do. I've taken classes at the local college for HTML, CSS, FLASH and related classes. From learning Flash I was able to start learning java script and that helped me with this C++ stuff. But some things still get me stuck like how to make a library. It seems like I can get all the code typed but there is still something that I am missing every time. When I finally got a touch screen to work I realized how slow it was and that it would not work for my project. So now I'm getting smarter and using processors that can actually do something like this Teensy 3.5 can.
guerneville CA
Electronics building projects, Science, History
Currently taking care of 51 acres with some rental units.


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