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  1. Finally finished

    yeah for games only would be better but i want to control xmbc and cli music players and stuff with it too

    So its been a while and i finally tested everything.
    Thanks to you guys i only had to...
  2. Thanks again :D youre genius!

    Thanks again :D youre genius!
  3. dude youre quick... yeah maybe ill implement...

    dude youre quick...
    yeah maybe ill implement something like this:

    int data =0;
    for (int i=0; i<3;i++) {
    data = data + analogRead(A0);
    data = data / 3;
  4. my idea was to set the right-horizontal-value...

    my idea was to set the right-horizontal-value (rhorival) to 2 so the script knows the stick is alredy in the middle and wont set this to 0 again as there are 2 requirements to execute the code and...
  5. Teensy 3.1 analog sticks to generate keyboard input

    Hi guys,
    at the moment im building a gameboy casemod similar to this: .
    For the keypresses im using my teensy to act as a usb keyboard and ...
  6. using a Teensy 3.1 for analog Sticks to generate keyboard input

    (first of all tell me if the title needs work as i consider it quite lengthy. also i dont know if this isnt supposed to be posted under project guidance instead of here.:confused:)

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