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    Hello, I've been trying to run the...


    I've been trying to run the callbackEcho example with the nrf8001 and a Teensy 3.0 but I receive the "Error in ACI Setup". I am using Arduino 1.6.7 and I downloaded the latest teensyduino...
  2. Thanks for the answer but I am trying to...

    Thanks for the answer but I am trying to accomplish this with a matrix. I have 3 columns and 2 rows and as far as I understand Bounce requires each button to be individually connected to a teensy pin...
  3. Keyboard matrix help (Teensy 3.0; constant output when nothing is pressed)

    Hello everyone,

    First of I want to share that I have experience with programming but zero of it with microcontrollers, so I apologise beforehand for any stupid mistakes.

    I want to make a simple...
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    Battery powered Teensy 3.0.

    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum as well as to the electronics.
    For starters I am going to tell you what I have in mind as my project.
    I have a CM Storm Switch Tester which is this little thing:...
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