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  1. I converted AudioSDRpreProcessor to f32 to be...

    I converted AudioSDRpreProcessor to f32 to be compatible with OpenAudio_Library and Teensy 4.x. I and using it in my Teensy 4 based RA887x_SDR radio and tweaked and seems to be working well after...
  2. PhaseChange() on T4 with OpenAudio_Library F32 working

    I got Ron's PhaseChange() to work on the Teensy 4 to remove images using OpenAudio_Library 32bit floating point objects.

    Had to make some changes.
    1. Change the int16_t arrays to float32_t
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    RA8876 Turn On Steps, Touch operation


    For my RA8876 I use 2 commands for internal backlight, no wire or jumpers required as I recall.

    >>But was wondering has...
  4. [queued] T4.x based SDR with Hi res 7" touchscreen, 4096 FFT

    A few of these have been built now. Receive only at the moment while waiting for suitable transmit hardware to developed.

    This SDR uses the Teensy 4.1 (most often) with the PJRC audio card. ...
  5. Correct, I added the flag and check it at each...

    Correct, I added the flag and check it at each enet usage. If it is not ready, and see that it should be (hardware was found, library started), then I start a timer and try to reinit the connection...
  6. I modified the wait for link status loop with a...

    I modified the wait for link status loop with a timeout counter. If it fails, it times out with an enet_ready flag set. In the main program loop, I have a timer that causes it to retry the init...
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    SDR with Spectrum Display with T4 and RA8875 & RA8876

    Just to let you know I have been working on a Teensy 4 based SDR project and leverage the BTE feature heavily to do my FFT spectrum draw and the waterfall scrolling. I have this working on both the...
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