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    Did a little experimentation and used a scope and...

    Did a little experimentation and used a scope and digitalWriteFast to come up with timings for various cache maintenance operations.

    The approach given in the first post, where a write to DCCIMVAC...
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    Cache handling - DMA transfers

    I have a function that interleaves two datasets into a buffer that gets transmitted via DMA.

    inline void packCmplx(int32_t *pCmplx, const int32_t *pStop, const int16_t *re, const int16_t *im)...
  3. r2cfft - a small wrapper to simplify FFT/IFFTs of real-valued sequences

    I wanted to share a small wrapper function I wrote for the CMSIS arm_rfft_fast_f32() function. It is intended to provide a higher efficiency, near-drop-in-replacement for instances where...
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