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  1. Adafruit sph0645 microphone with UDA1334A I2S decoder

    Hi everyone,
    I need to record the sound with the mic sph0645 and then convert it again to the original sound using UDA1334A decoder. It would be great if anyone could give me some...
  2. bluetooth communication between teensy 4 and Raspberry pi 3b

    Hi everyone,
    Iam doing an iot project to send some sensor data from teensy 4 to the raspberry pi over bluetooth. The bluetooth module which I connected with the teensy board is...
  3. Teensy.4 with Adafruit Bluetooth spi friend factory reset not working

    Hi everyone,
    I was trying to interface adafruit Bluetooth ble spi friend module with teensy.4, when I was running the example program ATcommand with factory reset enabled, it is showing the output...
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    It took almost 10 minutes to change from 20degree...

    It took almost 10 minutes to change from 20degree celsius to 9 degree celsius
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    MCP9808 temperature sensor

    While I was testing the mcp9808 temperature sensor with teensy using an example program, It was very slow in responding to the change in temperature. For example it is taking long to change its...
  6. Thank you very much

    Thank you very much
  7. Teensy interfacing with ADAFRUIT I2S MEMS MICROPHONE BREAKOUT - SPH0645LM 4H

    Hi everyone
    Iam new to teensy board and I would like to know how can I interface adafruit I2S MEMS MICROPHONE BREAKOUT - SPH0645LM4H with a teensy board. I need to record some sound sample and...
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