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  1. 1200 WS2801s + Teensy 3.6 + 2 SPI channels

    Hi all,

    I'm developing a project with 1,200 WS2801 LEDs and a Teensy 3.6. I'll be using FastLED to control them. Will I see any performance improvement if I put 600 LEDs on SPI0 and the other...
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    Netflix "Maniac" GRTA Mainframe

    Hi all,

    Last fall I built and programmed the mainframe in Netflix's Maniac series using a Teensy 3.2 as the real "mainframe". It was a wild project done in less than 5 weeks. I'd like to thank...
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    TPIC6B596N + Teensy 3.2

    Hi all,

    I'm swapping a Teensy into a project that previously used an Arduino Uno. One of its functions was to control 32 20mA LEDs using 4 TPIC6B596N...
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