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  1. In case anybody else stumbles on this needing the...

    In case anybody else stumbles on this needing the same.

    I took the patch from here and paired it with:

    udevadm info /dev/ttyACM0 | awk -F "[ =]" '/ID_SERIAL_SHORT/ { print $3 }'

    which will...
  2. teensy_loader_cli with multiple devices connected


    I have a system that has multiple (at this time 2) Teensy 3.2s attached via USB to a raspberry pi. I have udev rules to label the serial ports presented by each so I know which is which when...
  3. PWM with inverted output not working at extremes


    I'm working on a system that needs to invert one of the channels on a PWM time so I can drive 2 outputs in a way that means neither are on at the same time (as long as the duty cycle for the 2...
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