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  1. Updating FTM CnV and C(n+1)V registers in Teensy 3.6

    Hello all,

    I want the PWM waveforms from FTM0 and FTM3 to be toggled between two values each in period. I have set up the initializations of the timers and synchronized them with each other. Also,...
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    Triggering ADC with PDB in Teensy 3.6

    Hello all,

    I am trying to trigger ADC0 of the Teensy 3.6 with the PDB. I want 2 measurements per PWM period, so I have used FTM3 as a trigger input to PDB0 with 2 pretriggers. The delay of...
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    Aref pin on Teensy 3.6.


    I want to connect a voltage reference chip to the Teensy 3.6 to get accurate measurements from the ADC.

    Can the Aref pin take more than 3.3V or is it also limited to 3.3V like all other...
  4. Thank you. This was it, yes. I tried the...

    Thank you.

    This was it, yes.

    I tried the analogReadIntervalTimer example, to trigger the ADC at a specific PWM point, but then my PWM's coming from FTM0 were messed up with it, even though I...
  5. I may onto something. In...

    I may onto something.

    In cores/teensy3/kinetis.h, there is the function
    NVIC_SET_PRIORITY(irqnum, priority), NVIC_CLEAR_PENDING(n) and the number of ADC1 is
    IRQ_ADC1 = 58

    so I did the...
  6. Thanks a lot. I have found the definition of...

    Thanks a lot.

    I have found the definition of NVICISER1 to be NVIC_ISER1 in kinetis.h

    Do you know what NVICIP58 and NVICICPR1 corresponds to in cores/teensy3/kinetis.h?
  7. Arduino IDE does not recognize NVIC registers?


    I am using Teensy 3.6 with the latest versions of Arduino IDE and Teensyduino on windows. I am trying to trigger the ADC with a center-alligned PWM with an interrupt following the...
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