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  1. USB audio clicking noise with Teensy 4.0

    Hello, I am using the Teensy 4.0 and the Audio board Rev D, I define the device as Serial+MIDI+Audio. I am using this option because I need to read it as a microphone to stream it in real time and...
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    SGTL5000 footprint

    I want to design an audio board to incorporate my personalize inputs and minimize noise through cables, so I have some questions about the design:
    1. I found that there is in stock the...
  3. Using the post processor functions for the audio output USB

    I am using the Teensy 3.2 and the audio adaptor board. I wanted to know if the Post Processor functions of the SGTL500 affect the USB audio output because I record the data in my computer from the...
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