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  1. it works again...

    Sorry again for the delay. I just didn't have the time to sit down.
    Anyway, I finally tried again today and it works!
    The only thing that I had opened before was Chrome.
    I tried it today with...
  2. it doesn't work again...

    Sorry for the confusing posts and the delay in addressing this.

    So, just yesterday I had time to look into this again.
    To make sure I was doing things right, I uploaded everything in my old...
  3. it worked!!

    Good morning!
    Sorry it took so long to finally try it.
    I did it yesterday and it worked immediately! :-)
    Thanks so much for the help!

  4. HELP!!! Teensy & Arduino Conflict on a Mac

    Hi everyone,
    I am totally new to the teensy. I just bought one and couldn't make it read the Arduino code.
    I just called technical support and they suggested I present my problem here, to people...
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