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    Switching inputs on Audio Board?

    Is switching inputs (between MIC and LINEIN, and back) a time-expensive operation on the Teensy Audio Board? For example, is it fast enough that I could switch between LINEIN while using the Audio...
  2. Voltage rating of DC blocking caps on Teensy Audio Board

    Does anyone know the voltage rating of the four 2.2 uF capacitors on the stereo inputs/outputs of the Audio Board?

    Also, are they polarized? They don't have a + symbol in the schematic I see, but...
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    Pass-thru serial I/O to other device

    I'm looking to put a Teensy-based audio filter into a Nano-controlled radio. I could replace the Nano altogether, but I'd rather not have to worry about designing a new PCB for that part of the...
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