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  1. Teensy 4.1 Network not responding over time

    Connecting two sockets to Teensy 4.1 , all works well but after a few hours
    the Teensy does not respond to Ethernet , neither can reconnect.
    Serial output still works,
    Teensy is alive , and when...
  2. Unfortunately it's not good for us since it's...

    Unfortunately it's not good for us since it's slow (relative)
    using an Interrupt as the encoder source is slower then poling IO
    we use Linear Encoder (0.1u) at a rate of 600mm/sec (6mhz) at a range...
  3. Disabling IRQ for better performance - Teensy 4.1

    We'r sampling two pins (A,B Encoder) at frequency upto 10mhz.
    When the code was simple read/count the readings matched the input pulse.
    once we extended the project , added Ethernet communication...
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