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  1. thank you for the quick reply and troubleshooting...

    thank you for the quick reply and troubleshooting tips!
    It turned out the micro usb cable I was using now was not a proper cable, only for charging it seems. Anyway I found a working cable, so now...
  2. not able to upload sketches anymore to teensy 3.0

    I have been using the teensy 3s on macs for 8 months, running arduino 103 and teensy 1.16, without any problems. Today I was not able to update teensies I used just a few weeks back, it just seems to...
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    This turned out to be an incompatibility between...

    This turned out to be an incompatibility between the latest teensyduino software and the fastspi_led2 library. Daniel Garcia just released RC2 of the library that seems to fix these issues....
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    teensy 3 and fastspi_led2 compilation issues

    I am trying to run the fastspi_led2 library on the teensy 3.0 using the latest teensyduino 1.15, but get a long list of compilation errors when trying to verify my arduino sketch, so I assume...
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