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  1. I think I'm suffering fro the same issue danixdj...

    I think I'm suffering fro the same issue danixdj - When I don't use the function, it works great on windows devices (only). But with the setI2SFreq function it has sample rate noise on Windows - but...
  2. Teensy 3.2 48KHz noise issue on Mac OR windows

    So I have a modified as per roomtek's guidance in this post

    For testing purposes I have a Teensy 3.2 hooked up to an Adafruit I2S to line audio adapter. The following code (simple...
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    Teensy 3.2 - custom pcb guidance


    I have an audio project involving I2S that I've developed with a Teensy 3.2. It works perfectly.

    My next step is to roll this into a simplified custom pcb. I'm happy to iterate this a...
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