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  1. audio library callback, timers, integrating a timeline and/or musical-grid...

    I'm interested in developing a sample-accurate musical-grid and timeline.

    I'm generally trying to inform the timeline of the audio sample position, relative to each block/buffer of...
  2. OH! it's in AudioStream.h thank you! ...

    OH! it's in AudioStream.h thank you!

    Freeverb_Stereo example worked OK after modifying the AudioStream.h to use EXTMEM instead of DMAMEM as you suggest !

    Thank you!
  3. Sorry, to clarify, I try any "examples -> audio"...

    Sorry, to clarify, I try any "examples -> audio" example and add EXTMEM in front of the AudioMemory(something); declaration.
  4. use EXTMEM (psram 16mb soldered onto Teensy 4.1 pads) for AudioMemory

    I successfully soldered 2 of the 8mb psram chips to the underside of my Teensy 4.1 and ran the memory test .ino and it worked and detected 16mb and all is good.

    I want to use this EXTMEM...
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    You might want to check the Music DSP mailing...

    You might want to check the Music DSP mailing list archives

    They have a collated paper that's updated each year covering a...
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    well done...

    I'm new here. My apologies if this is an inappropriate posting style etc.

    Well done!
    I got my Teensy 4.1 and audio shield maybe 2 hours ago. After soldering it on, I have already tried the...
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