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  1. [Teensy 4.1] Reading from Serial and creating multi touch events for a screen


    I have a custom multi touch display that supports 4 fingers. This screen comes with its own communication protocol. In order to get the touch to work I need to pull some information from it...
  2. Thanks Paul, That answered all my questions. ...

    Thanks Paul,
    That answered all my questions.

    I have a custom multi-touch screen prototype from a vendor, it sends serial data whenever touched, for up to 10 fingers.
    I wanted to take that data...
  3. What is the state of USB HID Touchscreen support for Teensy

    Hi everybody,

    I have been reading the forum with all posts relating to USB HID Touchscreen.

    I found a couple of posts such as ...
  4. Teensy 3.5 "error sending reboot command (HID)"


    I have had a teensy 3.5 sitting on my desk for a long time acting as a mini keyboard for performing custom keyboard action.

    Today it just gave up, I am trying to reprogram it, using both...
  5. Can "OctoWS2811 LED Library" be used to drive RGBW Leds?


    I am stuck with a couple 100 of of RGB-W Leds of the following kind:

    I tried a bit driving the whole thing using an ESP32 but I got into all kind of...
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    Thanks for all the replies. I have access to...

    Thanks for all the replies.
    I have access to pretty good power supply units. I have purchased a couple of these. Which can deliver 60 amps. Have a look at the datasheet and you will see that those...
  7. I managed to compile successfully once I have...

    I managed to compile successfully once I have removed the NeoPixel Library which I had in the Arduino Library.
    This is not a good solution for me since I use that library for other projects and...
  8. Teensy 3.5 + Arduino 1.8.2 + Teensyduino 1.39 (trying to compile neopixel-library)

    I think the title is pretty clear :)

    I am trying to compile a program which uses the Adafruit NeoPixel 1.1.2 (or I suppose that teensyduino installs its own neopixel library?), using Arduino...
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    Best way to drive huge LED Matrix Display

    Hi everybody,

    This is my first time writing in this forum.

    I want to build a long line of flexible LEDs with 8 rows of LEDs x (approximately) 10 meters long.
    If I use 144 LEDs / meter, that...
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    Thanks, I added the logic level converter....

    Thanks, I added the logic level converter.
    Adding my schematics here if anyone has anymore suggestions and also for documentation, it might help someone else.

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    Could you please see if I understood your...

    Could you please see if I understood your suggestions correctly and made the right changes?
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    Teensy 3.6 CAN LIN Board

    I want to create my own CAN/LIN board for the Teensy3.6. (Using MCP2004 and MCP2551, because I have access to these transceivers)
    I am trying to make the board with 2 CAN channels and 2 LIN channels...
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