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    Modify the and

    Modify the and python scripts included with braids to run at 44.1khz and rerun the script to generate the waveforms and lookup table for ""
  2. Okay I figured it out... I think. Some of the...

    Okay I figured it out... I think.

    Some of the cards I have seem to give occasional lame read speeds regardless of how it's formatted and how many bytes are read when it's not perfectly sequential-...
  3. Teensy 4.0 Inconsistent SDIO SD read times

    I am working on a rather large Teensy 4.0 project (it's a portable music tracker / sequencer that will be open source) and hit a minor snag with reading across multiple files.
    Occasionally and...
  4. usbMidi Realtime messages without a callback function

    Currently usbMidi Realtime messages (sync, sequencer start/stop, etc) can only be parsed by the usbMidi class by utilizing a callback function.
    For those of us who do not want or cannot use...
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    Thanks. Yeah, seems to work fine there. Suspect...

    Thanks. Yeah, seems to work fine there. Suspect it's the build process (though it's almost identical) or the version of GCC ARM. :( Unfortunately the Arduino IDE is pretty tedious for large projects....
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    Yeah it looks like some sort of compiler issue....

    Yeah it looks like some sort of compiler issue. If I just declare the rxBuffer in TwoWire as volatile, that also fixes the issue without needing the if statement- it effectively does nothing anyway.
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    Wire Library rxBuffer overflow

    Hello! I think I may have found a bug in Wire.cpp, though it could be a mistake on my end- after debugging and a slight modification to Wire.cpp it seems to fix the issue.

    I am using a large...
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