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  1. MP3 playing with prev/next 20,60 sec. skip.

    I using Android phone to skip 20/60 sec foreward/backward in podcasts and like to build an MP3 player which is able to do this on my bike. It is possible to do with teensy?
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    1st link is totally fulfills my technical and...

    1st link is totally fulfills my technical and financial needs :D

    So many thanks guys (like defragster, neurofun , and luni!), my native language is not English and with my disabilities I can't...
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    OK - I want something impossible? I still can't...

    OK - I want something impossible? I still can't find a header which connects Teensy 3.2 to an IC socket. :( Yes, I'm lame.
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    Teensy (3.2) pin header for IC sockets


    I like to ask the most noob question about Teensy boards: is there exists headers for these boards which fits into that circular IC-sockets/headers?

    Sorry I'm not a practicing electroneer,...
  5. Library...

    Library, 3.3V - simple and straightforward. (and yes, I already know that I can't left reset line floating)

    I also feel that there is no HW limit on CS...
  6. Tale of my 1st Teensy 3.2 (questions which's answers helps the maidens)

    I'm not too skilled in electronics (I'm a programmer), but I started to build a custom keyboard based on Teensy 3.2. In the following tale here are 4 questions:


    - First I played a...
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