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  1. Thank you a lot :) I think I will use the...

    Thank you a lot :)

    I think I will use the MCP23008 i2c chip for my project.

    lg Darcade
  2. Get state of dip switch with less then 8 cables.

    I am working on a project with my Teensy 3.

    For that project I will need a DIP Switch with 8 switches.

    Is it possible to use less then 8 cables for the switch.
    I do not want to use 8...
  3. How do I use teensy 3.0 without the USB port?


    I just destroyed the sub port of my Teensy.....
    I am not able to solder the usb hub back to the board because the solder points are destroyed.

    Is there any other way to solder for example...
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