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  1. Thread: SBUS input

    by richrarobi

    Bit of an old post, BUT.... With the Bolder...

    Bit of an old post, BUT.... With the Bolder library and Teensy 4.0 you do NOT need the inverter circuit. After trying a lot with an inverter (using 4049 chip) I found the comment deep in one of the...
  2. Thanks for the warning. Better to spend a few...

    Thanks for the warning. Better to spend a few pounds than mess with it.
  3. i2s microphone from (rasp pi) google voice hat ??

    Maybe a possibility?
    I have a stereo mic from a google voice hat. I have never used the mic, I used the hat as a sound card only. (It came as a freebee in a magazine!)
    I wonder about the...
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    Audio Tutorial Filter questions

    (T4 + Audio shield + mpr121 for buttons + 4 pots. All on strip-board) Heading towards my hearing enhancer....

    A question about filters with part 2-7 of audio tutorial. (I adapted to include...
  5. Thanks

    Thanks for those replies - lots to think about.

    I am really still just playing with the possibilities, especially with the fft....I spent a while admiring the output to the Arduino plotter, while...
  6. T4 Audio questions (balance with mixers, filters, combine..)

    1) I used two mixers to make an audio "balance" for headphone use (first time in 30 years I have been able to listen to stereo in both sides (bad tinnitus and consequential hearing loss in right...
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    Thanks Frank, I forgot about that. Any ideas...

    Thanks Frank, I forgot about that.

    Any ideas about if we would be able to adopt the adafruit Mic? Will it still have that electronics issue? That looks rather daunting.
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    Microphone input on Teensy 4, please?

    I was considering using one of those adafruit mics, I wanted to use it for a background input for noise cancelling, using a T4.

    I was hoping I could just plug it into A3.
    Now I am baffled.

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    use of potentiometer on audio shield

    Hopefully this isn't a silly question? I note that the thumb pot on the audio shield is down as optional. It is also specifies a 25k pot. Question is can I use a pot on pin 15 instead, or as well if...
  10. I modified the example so it works, I put a...

    I modified the example so it works, I put a separate LED on out3. It works, so I believe I changed the address for sd card correctly:-

    // Advanced Microcontroller-based Audio Workshop
  11. Thanks for the quick answer - I will try...

    Thanks for the quick answer - I will try modifying the code....

    Awesome sound so far with such a small package.

    I hope to use the power of the "4" to try a selective hearing project,...
  12. teensy 4 + audio rev d, tutorial issues?

    I have just started with teensy, have been looking at the audio tutorial. This largely appears to be written as for earlier version. I have managed many of the examples, mostly with success. (At the...
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