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  1. Piezo resistive fabric with INPUT_PULLUP and analogRead.

    For a flexible ruggedized touchpad Iím using Eeonyx fabric in-between a top- and bottom sensor. The top (distance) sensors, made of Ripstop conductive fabric, are connected to the analog pins which...
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    Paul, thanks for the reply. Although it had some...

    Paul, thanks for the reply. Although it had some benefits for me, I guess that it isn't a really good solution. I've decided to go for a UTP cable from my device to the other teensy. Or plug it in a...
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    USB combination with Serial1

    New on this forum but already a happy teensy user.
    I'm looking for a solution to use usb and serial1 communication with only the usb cable. This is to switch easily between devices, other teensy...
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