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  1. Modifications for smooth audio playback with Arduino-Teensy-Codec-lib

    Hello. I've testing Frank Boesing's Arduino-Teensy-Codec-lib with Gameduino 2 modified library for Teensy 3.5/3.6 and SDIO, I find that modifying this lines in the mp3 library file in codecs.h:

  2. Thank you! I've searched other sources using...

    Thank you! I've searched other sources using teensy as
  3. I need to coordinate access to Sd card data using...

    I need to coordinate access to Sd card data using SDIO inteface to send jpeg image data to a FT813 screen at max possible speed using SPI interface and while load audio sample data to send to the...
  4. What is the state of art about using hw resources in libraries with teensy 3.x?

    I'm interested in get the juice from the teensy 3.2/3.5/3.6 using multitasking like environment. I've learning about interrupts,dma,timers but there are fuzzy limit between libraries and how they...
  5. Help how to use Teensy 3.x with external 3.3v 5A Switching Power Supply

    I've planned to use Teensy 3.2/3.5/3.6 with FT813 7" Riverdi screen which needs 3.3v 500mA power. How I can power both the teensy and the lcd screen with the 3.3v switching power supply?...
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    Any ideas for improve speed of plasma calculation...

    Any ideas for improve speed of plasma calculation (maybe using an array with several points to calculate with array sum and mult?)
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    How to improve code using CMSIS DSP for fast graphics FX?
    I used Teensy 3.5 + T6963 240x64 Lcd screen with U8g2 graphics library and CMSIS DSP fast float sin, sqrt, matrix...
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