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  1. Added Modifier key support to KeyboardController in USBHost_t36

    Previously no detection was provided for the modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, GUI, Alt) I just added them partially, you'll now receive the correct HID code in key_press and key_release but since there is...
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    USBHost_t36 and Keyboard Hubs

    Edit: Enabling full debugging messages in USBHost_t36 it seems to be working. I don't know why though. After disabling them, it still works after all. I'm unsure what changed but his post is...
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    Keyboard HID codes not working

    Morning all,

    This is a question tied to the same project I posted earlier here:

    and just so you know I have done...
  4. That answers my question, thank you both!

    That answers my question, thank you both!
  5. Simultaneous USB Host and Device mode

    Hello all,

    I've seen the question asked several times in the past couple of years on these forums as to the possibility of acting as a USB host. They most recent question asking this specifically...
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