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    Hi all, I was searching for the same and did not...

    Hi all,
    I was searching for the same and did not want to use an extra granular playback.

    With my solution, the play_wav_sd.cpp and play_wav_sd.h are changed and use SDFAT-Lib to be able to read...
  2. Hi all, after some days I am able to change the...

    Hi all, after some days I am able to change the speed of a played WAV-File.
    1. I replaced the files play_sd_wav.h and play_sd_wav.cpp .. still 16bit and the current version is only able to stretch ...
  3. Thx, that fixed it. After installing 1.47-beta6...

    Thx, that fixed it. After installing 1.47-beta6 it compiles well.

    Tank You very much!

    Best Regards
  4. Audio-Example WavFilePlayer for Teensy 3.6 not compiling

    I tried to compile the example WavFilePlayer.ino 1:1 but it reports only errors:
    I use Arduino 1.8.9 and I have copied the last version into the folder Arduino/libraries/
    I tried the example...
  5. Project with 2 SSD1106/SSD1306 I2C-OLED on Teensy 3.6

    It works on the teensy 3.6 without Pullup-Resistors. Perhaps they are inside the OLED-Baords.
    I use 2 cheap OLED-Boards with 4 Pins each, GND, VCC, SCL and SCA.
    Both use the same I2C-Address but...
  6. SF2 / MIDI-Player for Audio Library or simple Stretching of WAV-Files ?

    Hi all,
    I had played around with the ESP32 last year and had found this library from Earle Philhower III and used it as a Sample-Player in my project.
  7. Converter WAV-File to Hex-File in Javascript

    Hi all,
    for a Sound-Project with an ESP8266 I had converterd an existing Javscript-Page.
    Unzip it locally and start it. It provides a very basic gui to upload an file and it converts it into a...
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