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    VSCode/PlatformIO Teensyduino HOWTO?

    I just converted a project from ArduinoIDE to PlatformIO running on VSCode.

    To use Teenyduino (controlling Xplane) I hda to as the build_flags = -D USB_FLIGHTSIM

    Now, the project still...
  2. Many Teenys with Teensyduino - possible?

    I started using my teensy 3.6 to control my flight sim.
    No, I need to make another project with a second teensy which also needs to connect to my flightsim.

    Is it possible to hook 2 or more...
  3. FlightSimControls proper detection of connect/disconnect to XpLane

    I am doing my first attempts to use FlightSimControls.

    At first , I was using a single FlightSim.update() at the beginning of loop().
    Worked so far in case XPlane is already running.

    But the...
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