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  1. @luni Do you have a Windows Form Version of...


    Do you have a Windows Form Version of this?

    My Visual Studio is not working Console App, I can't build or run it (see picture).
  2. @luni 1. Yes! The board works over USB serial...


    1. Yes! The board works over USB serial and it works for sending data from multiple sensors to the PC via BT serial. What is not working, is sending data from the PC to the Teensy over BT...
  3. bumpppppppp

  4. Sending data from C# to Teensy 3.2 over Bluetooth HC-05 module?

    I am attempting to send data from a C# GUI to the Teensy 3.2 via the OUTGOING Bluetooth port on my PC but am having no luck. The data transfer is working in the opposite direction (sending data from...
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    I forgot to copy that line over to my Teensy...

    I forgot to copy that line over to my Teensy sketch :mad:. All working now, thankssss
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    Teensy 3.2 and WS2812B NOT WORKING?

    Can anyone help me get this code working? This code is working on the Arduino but not transitioning to the Teensy.
    I am trying to illuminate 3 LEDs on the WS2812B with my Teensy 3.2.

  7. Using Wire1 for multiple I2C on Teensy 3.2?


    I do not understand how to use the <i2c_t3.h> library for my application because one of my devices is using <Wire.h> through an instance of LightSensor. I need to run a secondary device on...
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    My issue was that I assumed that all Bluetooth...

    My issue was that I assumed that all Bluetooth devices would communicate over the same COM port on my computer. When I was using an HC-05 with my UNO it was on COM9 and when I used a different HC-05...
  9. BH1750 Light Sensor and Teensy 3.2 compatible?

    I am getting a response from the sensor but it is an erroneous number and not a true sensor reading. I believe this is because there is something wrong with my wiring.

    I have the SDA pin of the...
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    Teensy 3.2 and HC-05


    I am trying to write data out over a bluetooth connection using the Teensy 3.2 and HC-05. When I use this code, I am able to view the output through the TeraTerm (Putty equivalent) serial...
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