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  1. Hi, Here are a few shots. They are pretty...


    Here are a few shots. They are pretty good, but I may be able to find better ones...



  2. [posted] Teensy 3.2 at Burning Man 2018: Unfolding Humanity

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to post a vid of a project we built and brought to this years burn. It is entitled Unfolding Humanity (see below links for explanatory info). The project is driven by 26 Teensy...
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    Octows2811 adaptor and nrf24l01

    I'd like to use nrf24l01 alongside a teensy3.2 mounted on Octo adaptor. SPI pins are unfortunately not routed out to edge of Octo. What would be a good way to physically tap those spin pins for the...
  4. Thanks for the reply Paul! I think I have...

    Thanks for the reply Paul!

    I think I have decided to go with APA102 chipset for various reasons, but bitbang is what I will try first. If it is slow, I'll look into the logic gate CS way.

  5. Teensy 3.2 with nrf24 and lpd8806 strip

    Hi, newbie here...

    Using FastLED and the NRF24 lib on a LED interactive toy that communicates with the other toys.

    nrf24 wants to be driven over SPI, as does lpd8806. lpd8806 has no CS :(...
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