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  1. DIY Pi KVM Crashcart From Recycled Laptop
    This project makes a keyboard, video display, and mouse (KVM) by replacing the motherboard in a broken laptop with a Teensy 3.2 keyboard/touchpad...
  2. [posted] How to Make a USB Laptop Keyboard Controller
    I made an “Instructable” and YouTube video that describes how to make a USB controller for a laptop keyboard. I designed a circuit card for a Teensy LC...
  3. **********Update - The laptop now has battery...

    **********Update - The laptop now has battery operation**************

    The Teensy reads the battery voltage with its ADC and blinks the video card off for a second
    if the battery voltage is...
  4. [posted] Sony PCG-K25 Laptop Keyboard Controller with a Teensy ++2.0

    Teensyduino Code, Eagle layout and PDF documentation at:
    • Circuit board connects Teensy to 24 pin 1mm pitch FPC connector and...
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