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  1. Simple oscilloscope routine added to modified WAVEFORMMODULATED example

    I have a simple oscilloscope routine that I added and modified to the Teeny Audio Waveform modulated example program.


    Here is the code:

    This Modified Waveform Modulation Example...
  2. turning a extra MIDI Output into a MIDI thru

    I have a program built from the USB host t36 MIDI input functions example that works well.
    It uses callbacks to respond to many MIDI inputs.
    Can I use the unused MIDI output on my USB to MIDI...
  3. I thought it might be difficult

    I would think it would require modifying a library like serial flash or one of the audio libraries and would require a deep understanding of how playFlashRaw works and what it uses for timing.

  4. I am glad you were able to get that to work. on...

    I am glad you were able to get that to work. on the 2 projects I have built so far I opted to use one Teensy for the audio shield and another for the ILI9341 display, touch screen and SD card. I also...
  5. Changing the playback speed on Play Flash raw

    Hi I am working on a MIDI sample playback module that is starting to work well.
    My samples are way to large to be part of the sketch.
    I have a set of multiplexed serial flash chips holding all the...
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    The sound cloud demo link will continue to play...

    The sound cloud demo link will continue to play the other unrelated files on my sound cloud account after the organ demo has completed.
    Not sure how to stop this and I can not delete the other files...
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    Here is a link to a sound cloud demo of the Draw...

    Here is a link to a sound cloud demo of the Draw Bar Organ module.

    Here is the master wiring schematic.


    IT uses a Teensy 4.0...
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    [queued] Draw Bar Organ MIDI Module

    Introducing the Draw Bar Organ ver.12 by Richard Lingenberg. It is a modern open source 9 draw bar MIDI/ USB Host keyboard organ module. It makes extensive use of Teensy PJRC technology with a...
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