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  1. Teensy 4.1 got mentioned as one of the 10 best microcontrollers

    In EE Times

    Just wanted to mention it as it's Friday and a good start for the weekend

  2. This is awesome, I've followed your and Luni's...

    This is awesome, I've followed your and Luni's conversation on the TeensyTimerTool threat (not sure if I can include a URL to it)

    I stumbled on the CommandStation-EX project a few weeks ago and...
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    @Paul Williamson I noticed the "#define...

    @Paul Williamson
    I noticed the "#define SSS_SERIAL_STOP_BIT_1_5 (0x20ul)" declaration in the header file, but it's not used anywhere.
    Is this still under test/development?
    I'm soon starting the...
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