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    Timing is everything! Stupid of me not to...

    Timing is everything!

    Stupid of me not to realize that, but sometimes you can't see the woods for the trees.

    Thank you bud, sorted.
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    T3.5 IntervalTimer stopping main loop?


    I'm trying to run and update 2 displays using U8G2lib independently of the main program loop using intervalTimer, but this seems to be blocking the main loop or stops it running after the...
  3. progress made... disabled the...

    progress made...

    disabled the documents/arduino/ wire and sd libs, which forced the compiler to use the arduino/hardware/teensy/avr libs.

    That seems to load the libs, not just have to work out...
  4. Newbie - help appreciated with audio/WavFilePlayer example (Teensy 3.6)

    Hi all,

    VERY new to all this and having trouble getting the audio/WavFilePlayer example to run on my Teensy 3.6. Basically I want to play wav straight off the built in sdcard holder. Possible?
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