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    Teensy 3.2 with ST7789

    I am using T3.2 and ST7789 (240240 IPS no CS)

    Here is the code

    /#include <Adafruit_GFX.h> ...
  2. Thank you for your response. The issue is when I...

    Thank you for your response. The issue is when I connect second pot, teensy starts behaving erratic, reading random values from both and eventually hangs. Works fine with 1 pot.
  3. Teensy MIDI controller with 2 Guitar expression pedals

    I have a teensy3.2 from I have connected a 25k pot (DOD Expression pedal) on AGND, 3.3 and A0. It works fine. The moment I connect second 25k pot with A1, it starts behaving erratic. . My...
  4. Simple question

    Assuming you have figured out how to send messages from Teensy 3.2 board to the Cali standalone on MAC.

    I have been struggling. My controller has simple 5 switches to on/off various effects. It...
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