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  1. A lot of confusion with the touch pins on the Teensy boards

    Hello. I think there is some confusion around the web regarding the touch pins on the teensy boards and how to use them. As of now there's (to my knowledge) only a few places to get a correct...
  2. Thanks for that very clarifying answer! The ARM...

    Thanks for that very clarifying answer! The ARM is sooo cool and powerful! Having it on this cheap and small board is a delight. Good work Paul!
    Am I understanding correctly that all the timing...
  3. Is millis() affected by long ISRs (Interrupts) on Teensy?

    Hello everybody! I've been doing some googling and it seems to me that the value returned by millis() and micros() can be affected by the time spent inside interrupt service routines (ISRs). That is,...
  4. Serial.printf

    Latest Teensy libraries have printf available.
    Call it with

    So. Using the maniacbug RF24 library is as easy as doing a find & replace of printf to Serial.printf
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    Old thread. But I think it might be good to write this here for other forum visitors.
    As of now (I don't know how long it's been available) printf is included in the Print class for Teensy 3.
  6. Perfect! Works like a charm. Thanks!

    Perfect! Works like a charm.
  7. How to compile in Sublime Text 2 using makefile. Teensy 3

    I've got teensyduino up and running without problem with my Teensy 3. Since I've become very fond of the editor sublime text 2 i'd like to compile outside teensyduino using a makefile.
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