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    Listening for UDP (OSC) with Teensy


    I've been trying to receive UDP packets on Teensy over Wifi. Ultimately, the packets will contain OSC messages, but I'm having some reliability issues with an Adafruit Airlift Wifi...
  2. Interesting. I'm having a very similar problem...

    Interesting. I'm having a very similar problem with Udp.parsePacket(); but over wifi using the WiFiNINA library.

    Just as you have experienced, after a seemingly random (2min, 8min, 15min - never...
  3. Possible to use AudioEffectEnvelope with analogWrite()?

    I'm using PWM with analogWriteFrequency() to drive MOSFETs connected to magnets which vibrate tuned strings. Works great.

    The analogWrite() function increases and decreases the duty cycle and acts...
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