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  1. Thank you i will look at it.

    Thank you i will look at it.
  2. Can PC communicates with teensy via Usbhost pins?

    For my stepper motor project , i use teensy 3.6 board and program needs to understand power failure and should save the data to flash. I need to use also serial communication between teensy and...
  3. Is TeensyStep compatible with Teensy 4.1?

    I have Teensy 4.1.
    Actually, i bought it for using TeensyStep but i read the github page of TeensyStep that does not support Teensy 4.1.
    Is there a way to use TeensyStep on Teensy 4.1?
  4. USBHOST_T36 library is not working on Teensy 4.1 Board

    Hi all,
    I have a Teensy 4.1 board. I would like to use 5V and GND pins using USB Host.
    I have downloaded USBHOST_T36 library and uploaded my 4.1 board but throwed an error below:

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