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Thread: Replacing teensy port with USB type B

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    Replacing teensy port with USB type B

    What would be the best way to go about connecting a USB type B port to the teensy? The reason behind this is to make the port stronger and because USB B is the industry standard for MIDI controllers, which is what this project is for.
    An example of a USB type B port:
    This is the type used on the Arduino Uno.
    I tried looking for a converter that I can just glue into place, but they're hard to find for this specific conversion.

    Also, would it be a good idea to have a USB 3.0 port or can the teensy only do USB 2.0?

    Thank for reading,

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    Somthing like this ?
    or this ?

    (Depends on the type of teensy 2/3)

    The Teensy can only do USB 2.0

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    I was hoping for something a little more ergonomic, as I do not have much space to work with. What would be the recommended method of soldering the USB pins from the teensy to another PCB?
    ^That probably should have been my first question

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    Those cables are the recommended method.

    Of course, you can do anything else you want. Perhaps something like this?

    But you asked what it "recommended", and those cables are most certainly the recommended way.

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    Ah, wonderful. That should work fine. Thank you.

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