Hello guys

I am trying to compile code which receives lin bus data but looks like i have problem with uart.

In this code the line ser=Serial. If I change it to Uart it will generate error. Even if I define the Uart as HardwareSerial. Any recommendations how to monitor full conversation between lin master and slave?

The code https://github.com/gandrewstone/LIN/...ster/tclin.pde is orginally designed for lightuino5 but i am trying to modify this for teensy 2.0++. Any help is very need...Many thanks

Lin(LIN_SERIAL& ser=Serial,uint8_t txPin=1);
LIN_SERIAL& serial;
uint8_t txPin; // what pin # is used to transmit (needed to generate the BREAK signal)
int serialSpd; // in bits/sec. Also called baud rate
uint8_t serialOn; // whether the serial port is "begin"ed or "end"ed. Optimization so we don't begin twice.
unsigned long int timeout; // How long to wait for a slave to fully transmit when doing a "read". You can modify this after calling "begin"
void begin(int speed);