I am trying to use SoftPWM on Teensy 3.

The sketch SoftPWM_Arduino_LED_Blink compiles and runs on Arduino and Teensy 2 using teensyduino beta 9.

When compiling on Teensy 3 though, I get:
C:\Program Files\Arduino\teensyduino_1.0.2_beta9\libraries\SoftPWM\SoftPWM.cpp:70: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token
In SoftPWM line 70 is:
// Here is the meat and gravy
#ifdef WIRING
void SoftPWM_Timer_Interrupt(void)
ISR(SOFTPWM_TIMER_INTERRUPT)     <<<<<<<------------------- Line 70
  uint8_t i;
Apologies if this has been discussed, I didn't find anything about this through a search of the forum or Google.