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Thread: Teensy 2.0 Real Time clock

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    Teensy 2.0 Real Time clock

    Is there anyway to get the Teensy 2.0 to keep time? With the Teensy 3.0 there is the ability to put a crystal and a backup battery. Can this be done with Teensy 2.0?

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    You have to use an additional chip for that. Like a DS1307 or a DS3234. The DS1307 needs an additional crystal, and both need a power source to keep time when the teensy is not powered.

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    Instead of the DS3234, I'd consider the I2C version, the DS3231. Much less fiddly to set IMO, just as accurate, and many commercially available solutions. I personally had great luck with the Chronodot from Macetech. All you need is two lines, two pullup resistors, and there are many libraries available.

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