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Thread: raw hid on linux

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    raw hid on linux

    Has anyone successfully used the hid_listen RAW hid serial console on linux? I'm trying to get it to work on a raspberry pi and hot having much luck. It works great on my mac.

    I've tried the stock 1.0.2-beta 9 code with -DUSB_HID and this test program.
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "avr_functions.h"
    #include "elapsedMillis.h"
    int main(void)
        pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
    	bool blink = 0;
    	while(1) {
        	digitalWrite(13, blink);
        	blink = !blink;
    This gives this lsusb output but the hid_listen executable just says waiting... forever. The same hid_listen program compiled on the mac results in the expected hello output.

    I do have CONFIG_HIDRAW=y in the kernel config. Are there other config options I need?

    If someone can confirm if this works on regular desktop x86 linux, it would be most helpful.



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    When you plug the Teensy in, does a new /dev/hidraw# device file appear?

    Did you install the udev rules? Or just run hid_listen as root, so it always has permission to access the device.

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