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Thread: Teensy 2.0 Boot Loader Question

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    Teensy 2.0 Boot Loader Question

    I have a question on how the Teensy 2.0 boot loader works.

    The data sheet for the ATmega32U4 says that there are 5 sources of reset.
    Do all these sources of reset enter the boot loader?
    Or does only the External Reset(i.e....pushing the reset button) cause the boot loader to be run.

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    Here's the answer to my question.

    You must push the button for the bootloader to run.

    When you plug in the Teensy into the USB of a running computer, it is the Flashed Program that will run.
    If your device is connected before the computer is powered on, it is the Flashed Program that will run when power is applied.

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    Yes, that's correct.

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