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Thread: Teensy as USB Adapter for X-10 CM17A "Firecracker"

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    Teensy as USB Adapter for X-10 CM17A "Firecracker"

    The last time I needed to control X-10 was years ago when PCs still had serial ports.

    I didn't have a USB/Serial adapter around tonight so I threw this together.
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    The code was so simple, worked the very first time!
        CM17A Firecracker - USB Adapter
        Pin 4 DTR - Teensy 2 pin 22
        Pin 5 Ground
        Pin 7 RTS - Teensy 2 pin 23
    int DTR=22;
    int RTS=23;
    int LED=11;  // Teensy 2
    void setup()   {                
      pinMode( RTS,OUTPUT);
      pinMode( DTR,OUTPUT);
      pinMode( LED,OUTPUT);
    void loop()                     
        bool rts=Serial.rts();
        digitalWrite( RTS, rts );
        digitalWrite( LED, rts);  // light led for activity indicator
        digitalWrite( DTR, Serial.dtr() );
    Using "Jimmy's" from was also easy
    john@mythbuntu:~/pyx10$ wget ""
    john@mythbuntu:~/pyx10$ unzip
    john@mythbuntu:~/pyx10$ python /dev/ttyACM0 F1 On  # turn on coffeepot

    Thanks Paul!

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